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What is a Vehicle Wrap?


A Wrapworx Wrap is the result of over 10 years of hard earned experience and the embrace of the latest technologies. Essentially, a very thin, malleable cast vinyl is massaged onto an existing substrate; in this case your vehicle.


The vinyl is heated and recast to perfectly correspond to the exact shape and dimensions of your vehicle, leaving a paint-like finish. A Wrapworx vehicle wrap protects your investment, provides a mobile canvas and puts you under the spotlight where you and your vehicle belong.




Where are you located?


Wrapworx’s Head office is based in Newton Abbot in South West. We can carry out work at any premises providing it is near dust free and has adequate heating, lighting and electrical access.


Much of our work is done on the premises of our clients all over the UK and Europe. If adequate facilities are not available, we have an established network of locations throughout the UK where the wrap can be arranged to be done conveniently located nearby you.




Why have a WRAP when I can re-spray my vehicle?


A Wrap is not permanent - it is easily removed leaving a pristine finish. Wrapworx vehicle wraps allow for effects and finishes that are simply often not possible with a re-spray e.g. carbon fibre. Re-sprays can be expensive, unreliable, time consuming and require that your vehicle documentation be adjusted to reflect these permanent alterations.


Reselling a re-sprayed vehicle also raises questions in the minds of potential buyers as to the history of your vehicle. A  WRAP will mean no overspray and a fast, hassle free turn around.



Why Wrapworx?


Wrapworx is known and respected in the industry because:

·We have built a reputation based on professionalism, experience & knowledge.

·We fully document your wrap from beginning to end and explain the process in detail beforehand.

·Of our clientele. We are frequently called on by magnates, royalty & celebrities.

·Our team is hand picked from among industry leaders. In fact, many of our wrappers provide training and advice to the vinyl manufacturers themselves.



The Wrapworx Process


·Contact us via email to register your interest.

·Provide as much information as possible including the desired result.

·Our experts will contact you and talk through the wrap, along with the various options available.

·A sample selection will be provided for you to choose from.

·Covered transport, dent removal and a full valet can be arranged.

·We will provide you with after care advice to protect and maintain your wrap.

·You will have peace of mind backed up with a full Wrapworx warranty on both materials and installation.




How much will it cost?


Every vehicle is different, but as a general rule, it costs about from as little as £750. Items such as wing mirrors, spoilers, air vents and interior trim can be done at minimal expense especially if a full wrap is commissioned.


The complexity of the application and the type of material used will also be taken into consideration.

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